Scan your disk!
Find out what takes space!

(No installation, Works right from your browser)

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The Wobbly Disk is a 100% free online service. It will scan any directory you throw at it and show you what is taking up space.

Why Diezyweb?

It's safe
Nothing can be deleted. The browser have only read access to what you want to scan.
No Scary OS prompts popup that warn you about installing drivers/applications from the Internet.
Nothing about you gets shared. Privacy is important!
There is no ads that tracks you around the web!

Absolute 100% Free
Internet was built for sharing.
We don't want to see cracked service with malicious code. So we open up.

You save money
Instead of buying more space you can find out what is taking up space

Avalible as open source on github

We value open source and believe it is a privilege to be able to share idea-as-code with people around the world as we work together to build useful tools and products. We believe in building on the shoulders of giants and seek for productive, sustainable ways to continue to strengthen the foundation and create the architecture of the future.